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Traveling between Thailand, Laos and Vietnam

These photo come from my recent experience in Southeast  Asia. As you can see from them, I am particularly interested in understadindg the local lifestyle, especially when it comes to rural areas, where the inhabitants live their life et a significantly slower pace and seem to be more engaged in preserving their old traditions and rituals.

My visits tothe small villages in the middle of the rice fields, where people live with their animals (such as cows, hens, and pigs ) and harvest crops for subsistences, reminded me of my childhood in Tuscany, in the Sixties, thuse constituting a beautiful, evocative experience: this kind of rural live is pretty similar to the one I lived as a kid inthe enchanting Tuscan conutryside.

It should be considered that technology is gaining ground even in these areas, determining more or less significant changges in the habits and customs of the local people. However, old traditions still occupy an important position in their values scale: just to give an example, Buddhism is still widely practiced (especially in Thailand and Laos ) and its practices, such as rituals and prayers for good health and luck, represaentan integral part of daily life. Vietnam  as soon as you get there, you immediletely notice the French culitural influence, which still leaves its mark.

2023-01-03, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Buddhist monks during a religious ritual
2023-01-05, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Buddhist nuns during a meeting
2023-01-12, Luang Prabang, Laos. Women conversation
2023-01-14, Luang Prabang, Laos. Market on the street
2023-01-23 Nong Khiaw, Laos. Little girl from neighboring village
2023-01-31, Hoi An, Vietnam. Turists break time
2023-02-06, Hoi An, Vietnam. Women market seller
2023-01-31, Hoi An, Vietnam. Corean turist
2023-02-03, Hoi An, Vietnam. Moment of relax
2023-02-03, Hoi An, Vietnam. Boatman at work
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Antonio Cianfano

Mi occupo di fotografia dal 1985. Insegnamenti: Roberto Salbitani su fotografia di strada e camera oscura. Progetti eseguiti: persone del sud est asiatico persone… More »


  1. Un grande artista.. Come sempre le foto di Antonio Cianfano sono degli autentici capolavori Monica Bertini

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