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Patriarchal Sabbath

Photography exhibition ‘Patriarchal Sabbath’ by Monika K. Adler is a part of an online programme of the Auckland Festival of Photography 2023 in New Zealand.

Patriarchal Sabbath is an allegory of resistance against gender inequality. Women must unleash themselves from the “male-shaped symbolic order.” Contemporary, atheistic, consumer societies are, at heart, the same as religious theocracies; all good people, still controlled by patriarchal coding. Violence and abuse against women remains endemic. Sex, services, and supply; this is what the system requires from women. But to make genuine progress, women must create a new, female symbolic order that re-shapes social-cooperation, roles, and prejudices, builds new kinds of relationships among women, and puts our forgotten goddesses back on their pedestals.

Online Photo Exhibition: Patriarchal Sabbath
Auckland Festival of Photography
1 May – 11 June 2023
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Patriarchal Sabbath, © Monika K. Adler.

© Monika K. Adler.

© Monika K. Adler.

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Monika K. Adler

Monika K. Adler is photographer and film director known for her challenging and provocative photography and experimental films. Her works have shown in hundreds… More »

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