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Selma is here again – black’s life matters. Ethiopian-Israeli protests

Selma is here again – black’s life matters. Ethiopian-Israeli protests

On the second day of the Ethiopians’ protest following the death of Salmon Tekah from the gunfire of a policeman

The protest has come out of control: Clashes and disturbances of an unprecedented scale are being recorded Tuesday from north to south in dozens of locations around Israel. Ethiopian immigrants and their supporters took to the streets after Salomon Tikka’s funeral, which was shot to death by a policeman in Kiryat Haim – and for many hours blocked the main roads in the country. Later, violence, injuries and arrests were also reported.

Violent events in the streets intensify. Following the blocking of the Bilu junction and other major intersections throughout the area, riots broke out inside the city as well, including the burning of several locations, including the burning of traffic lights. The main locus of fire near the urban market.

Among the other serious incidents – a demonstrator who was run over and was moderately wounded – many cars were damaged in stone throwing, the windows of pedestrians who wanted to reach home after hours on the roads were badly damaged. The police did not intervene and allowed a long protest, but this gave rise to real anarchy after evening.

Sixteen people were injured, including nine demonstrators – one of them was run over and moderately wounded by a driver who fled. Seven policemen were wounded, one of them moderately. At the Kastina junction, a driver was beaten.

The Ethiopian protest in the streets of Israel

The black streets say no more

We do not agree to the killing of our children

At the Kiryat Ata junction, the demonstrations developed into a violent confrontation during which 19 demonstrators were arrested. Protesters set fire to an abandoned car. This evening police used stun grenades and tear gas to disperse demonstrators near the Zevulun station in Haifa Bay. Demonstrators hit cars in Tel Aviv and smashed windows in Netanya.

Beginning in the evening, spontaneous demonstrations began to take place all over the country in several locations simultaneously. One of the main points of the protest was the Kiryat Ata junction, where the demonstrators threw stones and garbage at the police and set fire to an abandoned vehicle and tires, 400 meters from where the shooting took place yesterday. In Jerusalem, hundreds blocked the entrance to the city in the area of ​​Sakharov Gardens. At the Azrieli junction, a vehicle was set on fire. In the Poleg junction, demonstrators set fire to a vehicle and set it on fire.

“It can not be that the Israeli government does not move a finger”, said one of the demonstrators at the Azrieli junction in a conversation with the news. “Where is the prime minister, he never came to meet the demonstrators, there were a million committees, we demand an external commission of inquiry to investigate the case, we cry, a whole community is hurting and crying.”

The silent cry of motherhood

Differences of opinion were recorded between demonstrators who want to escalate the violence, as opposed to the organizers who oppose the clashes with the police. The police decided to make arrests in an attempt to open the junction.

Before the demonstrations, young people from the community said in a conversation with Online News that they are expected to be more violent and violent than they have been so far. “It’s over”, the young people said. “Do not be surprised if you see extreme acts.”

A black scream

In the name of the black community

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