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Amir Lavon

A 36 years old street and documentary photographer based in Afula, Israel, works on long term projects with focusing on race and social issues. Also an English teacher and photography teacher for special aids students and student at high risk communities in the education system. Learned for his P.E Degree in photography and new media in PCK Photo center College. Finished MED in English and special needs communities. Finish B/w photography and printing from creative photography school, TLV and culture photography in National geographic Israel. Most of my work is being done in the streets, telling the story of the simple man, the story of life and place. Lately started to learn photo therapy as a tool for a better life and Education. Student for curating art and photography for my PH.D.

Selma is here again – black’s life matters. Ethiopian-Israeli protests

The protest of the Ethiopians is intensified in the streets: fire at intersections. A pregnant woman was attacked. Anarchy in…

Ethical question

The human fence

Do walls contribute to a sense of insecurity as much as they assuage fears and create a sense of security…


It’s a long way home

My Photographs are a visual summation of the people on opposite ends of the social scale, along with my quest…

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