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Terra Nullius, an exhibition, a book by Viviane Dalles

erra Nullius, from the Latin, describes a land without an owner. Whilst it may be inhabited, it is not actively farmed. During the colonisation of Australia by the British in 1770, the principle of Terra Nullius was evoked in a bid to legitimise the continent’s invasion. In 1992, the High...

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Hanzhengyi Pan | Confusion

(04/05/2011) took these photos during the last two year of my high school, also the second and third year that i have live in Australia. I am confuse about this new country and the different environment, also my future. (27/05/2011) (23/10/2011) (23/10/2011) (24/04/2011) (27/08/2011) (24/09/2011) (31/07/2011) (22/01/2012) (02/09/2011) (20/05/2011) (04/26/2011)...