PRIVATE 37 – an Ecological Question

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Title: An Ecological Question § Publication: 2007 / Softcover / 84 pages / 21×26 cm § Photographers: Antonin Kratochvil, Wolf Böwig, Danny Veys, Olivier Culmann, Kai Bornhöft, Pedro Isztin, Dean Sewell, Ron Haviv, Fabio Domenicali, Nanda Gonzague, Stefano David, Mira Zdjelar, Mike Berube, Natalie Behring, Luca Buti, Joe Zammit-Lucia § Writers: Agata Spinelli, Srinjay Chakravarti, Shanta Acharya, Alessio Zanelli, Antonio Diavoli, Marco Giovenale § Introduction by: Lucy Conticello.

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PRIVATE-37 an Ecological Question



[T]he destruction of our environment – albeit caused by natural disasters – involves parties (communities, governments or industrial players) and is often the result of a multiplicity of factors: human negligence, inadequate planning, criminal abuse of our resources, natural causes. This issue of PRIVATE offers its readers a selection of photographs that touches onto the many facets of the environment […] (Lucy Conticello)


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