Yann Tostain

YTYann Tostain (www.yanntostain.com) was born and raised in France. He studied psychopathology in Marseille and Paris and completed his PHD in 2004. After that, while having a psychoanalytic clinical activity in France, he works for various NGOs. He starts to work as a photographer in 2007 in West Africa, in the Balkan countries, and in the former Eastern bloc. Since 2009, his reflexion on the function and limits of the image is slowly stepping over the strictly documentary aspect in his photographic work. In 2013, he becomes part of the Berliner collective Exp12. Amongst other places, his work has been shown in Russia, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden.

In abstentia
Ethical question

In abstentia

Toynbee used to say that the nomad is the one who stays put. The one who do not leave when…
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