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Banil Yalomba (16) came to the Antenatal Clinic of Port Moresby after having been sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. A day after they separated, her former partner came to her parents’ house and dragged Banil to a bush area, threatening her with a knife. There he beat her and raped her. Banil’s father managed to find his daughter laying unconscious on the ground and brought her to the hospital.

Vlad Sokhin | Crying Meri: violence against women in Papua New Guinea

According to the statistics, in Papua New Guinea two thirds of women are constantly exposed to domestic violence and about 50% of women become victims of sexual assaults…


«After all of them had raped me, I went back home. I felt very bad and I was afraid to tell my husband. So I hid my bruised body. Several years later I noticed spots on my body, so I spoke to a doctor. I was diagnosed with AIDS. They warned my husband. They advised him to take care of me. But my husband hated me. He left me. Today I live alone with our children».

Gwenn Dubourthoumieu | Raped Lives

With 48 rapes per hour according to a speculative study realized by the American Journal of Health, the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to be notorious for being the “rape capital of the world”…


Espen Rasmussen (La violencia)

Espen Rasmussen | La violencia

Three million people have been displaced by the violent conflict in Colombia. Yet after 40 years of civil war and with the second highest number of IDPs in the world after Sudan, the conflict hardly merits a mention in the international media.



Mastering this split image is the role which photographers of African origin have assigned themselves, sometimes against their better judgement, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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PRIVATE 36, p. 12-13 (12-17), Jodi Bieber | A weapon of war – sexual violence

Jodi Bieber | A weapon of war – sexual violence

On the shore of Lake Tanganyika, Baraka has been the scene of unceasing suffering since the first war started in the


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