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Vicente Jaime “Veejay” Villafranca (www.veejayvillafranca.com), 1982 Philippines,  started out as a full time news photographer for the national news weekly the Philippine Graphic before going freelance in 2006. He then focused on producing long term projects that touches on several issues in the Filipino society. One of his early projects on the lives of former gang members in one of Manila’s most marginalized communities garnered the 2008 Ian Parry grant.
Veejay is now in the middle of shooting his projects regarding religiosity and fanaticism and another project on migrations due to climate and political oppression.


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Veejay Villafranca | Silent Emergency

The prolonged displacement due to the 2008 armed conflict in Central Mindanao caused a silent nutrition emergency to surface. By April 2011, 32,770 children under 5 years old were screened for acute malnutrition and given supplies of multi-micronutrient powders while 388 children were treated for severe acute malnutrition.