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Walk around the world

AFRICA • CHINA • FRANCE • INDIA • ISRAEL • PAKISTAN • POLAND • USA We are pleased to introduce this Special offer of PRIVATE magazine (125 photographers, 35 writers, 640 pages, more than 800 photos…)    

PRIVATE 57, p. 42-43 (42-47)

Ashley Gilbertson | 100% Wall Street

Occupiers represented hundreds of different causes, though their overarching frustrations lay with economic inequality and corporate greed.


Gary Knight, PRIVATE 57

Gary Knight | Inmigración Topografia: The Incineration of Migrant Dreams

This is a story about migration, the illegal migration of thousands of men, women and children from Central and South America into the United States.


Lynsey Addario, PRIVATE 57

Lynsey Addario | Mississippi Health Care

Nowhere is the American Health Care System more broken and desperate than rural Mississippi.


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