Photo Book, UNFOLD 01: Counterfeit / Counterfate by Unfold Team 
Info > Year of publication: 2019 | Pages: 46 | Size: 34x50cm | Volume Price: 15€  |  Book’s webpage
Publisher: Unfold

Unfold – folded

By accepting that reality is not only a reflecting surface for the gaze, but also for the fears and the desires that define it, then inquiry is directed towards a narrative form which will strip reality of its claim to objectivity, while seeking faults that illuminate the seams of its overlying structures.

If we replace “reality” with “simulation” – in light of Nick Bostrom’s simulation hypothesis about the universe – we may see once again redefined the relationship of photography with reality.
The curatorial project Unfold proposes multiple ways of presenting images from the photography work of seven artists, as multiple narratives of an internal network. The utilisation of the newspaper’s physicality, the sheets that can independently be installed on the walls of the exhibition space, the ability given to the viewer to edit their own version of the story, all relate to the paradox of image-based narration. With the medium of photography, this work pursues to highlight the gaps that reveal the construction of the narrative, all the while created in an environment that is probably protected from them.

Photographers: Eirini Angelidi, Emily Gaki, Katerina Digoni, Anargyros Drolapas, Dora Kalakidou, Ilias Lois, Nikos Papangelis.
Curatorial team: Anargyros Drolapas, Ilias Lois, Nikos Papangelis.
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