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Refugee children

War and conflict in countries like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan caused massive migration of their residents to neighboring countries.


Broken Ground (Portugal / Turkey), 2014


Broken Ground is a particular landscape that we can find in the city periphery, where a different organization and interaction between man and space is visible… (photo essay by Ana Catarina Pinho)


Suleymaniye, Turkey - June, 2013. Foreboding of unrest.

Agnes Szedera | Turkey’s revival – Suleymaniye – The Dust District

Turkey has faced demanding times, topped by the government’s brutal response to mass protests in June of last year. According to a recent report by Amnesty International, the opposition which claimed five lives amounted to «human-rights violation on a huge scale». The rapid escalation of protests against the conservative government has exposed a number of […]


Kathryn Cook, PRIVATE 53

Kathryn Cook | Memory of Trees

In the early 1900s, as the Ottoman Empire collapsed, a fiercely nationalistic “Young Turks” movement took power. With the Empire’s fall, the multi-cultural attitude that had made it one of the most diverse world powers became eclipsed by…


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