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The 5th Daegu Photo Biennale

‘Origins, Memories & Parodies’, ‘Women in War’, ‘Moon : A Story of Sky and Earth’, ‘Contemporary Italian Photography’, ‘Eternal Eye Exhibition’…

PRIVATE 52 | Contemporary Photography SOUTH KOREA

Even though it has been only about 10 years since photography was included in art in Korea, photography is becoming the very basics and center of the whole art field as it goes through amazing changes.

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Suyeon Yun, PRIVATE 52

Suyeon Yun | Incomplete Journey

North Koreans have been crossing the border into China in search of refuge since the height of their famine in the 1990s. Seeking resettlement, the majority of North Koreans transit through a host of other countries before finally settling in South Korea, as a final destination of hardship journey.


PRIVATE 52, Jae Kwang Yang, p. 14-15(19)

Jae Kwang Yang | Nightswimming – My Dear Grandmother…

Nightswimming starts from my first memory – the parting with my dear Nanny. I called her Grandma – I really believed she was my mother. This work documents what my childhood instilled in me.


PRIVATE 52, Suntag Noh, p. 20-21(25)

Suntag Noh | Really Good, Murder

This series of works looks through the surface of so called weapon show, questioning what is hidden behind the technology we enjoy and admire today. In the present day, almost every enterprise who claims to possess high technology produces weapons.


PRIVATE 52, p. 26-27

Hyun-sun Yoon | Memento

I feel like I’ve got used to living a prosaic life. Even if memories and a flood of events are stimulating they get easily forgotten. Becoming so accustomed to such reality takes away some sort of piled-up memories and records of certain moments.


PRIVATE 52, Aaron Choe, p. 38-39(43)

Aaron Choe | Not Yet Remembered

The reason I moved to Korea was to be with the person pictured in this series. I met her while I was traveling; she was also of Korean ethnicity but from a different country like myself.


PRIVATE 52, p. 44-45

Sungman Kim | The Foundry

The foundry is located in Song-Jung ri, Gwang ju, Jeollanam-do province. Kettles, hot grills and stoves were manufactured at the foundry by pouring molten metal into casts.


PRIVATE 52, Sunmin Lee, p. 50-51(55)

Sunmin Lee | The Woman’s House

Despite its external image of being a place of tranquil relaxation, a family, the arena for such things, is a place of confrontation among various emotions such as desires, frustrations, tedium, and anger.


PRIVATE 52, p. 56-57

Jeong Mee Yoon | ‘Insa-dong’ series

These photographs document workers at shops located in the area of Insa-Dong, Seoul. When we think of Insa-Dong


PRIVATE 52, p. 60-61

Jae-gu Kang | A Private

The image of a soldier had been strongly imprinted on my mind, like the icon of a real man, a father with a tough spirit.


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