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Suzhou, City, Center, Nanxim Lu. Outside view of old mansion.

Melanie Dornier | Chinese Dream

Chinese cities are exploding; everybody wants to enjoy new technologies and live on last development urban area. Old parts of cities don’t have anymore any value for Chinese development enthusiasms.


Woman breeder in a rural village in Andhra Pradesh.

Simone Nascetti | Women and development in India

In the coming decades, India’s economic growth, if it wants to maintain the current level of development, will have to deal with the shortage of trained people, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.


PRIVATE 48, p. 48-49 (48-51)

Nanni Fontana | Violence in Honduras

In Honduras crime is endemic. Violent crime is rampant; the per capita murder rate the second in the world rankings. (Nanni Fontana)


PRIVATE 48, p. 64-65 (64-67)

Ilan Godfrey | Remade

South Africa is entering a second period of significant change since the end of Apartheid. I was in Johannesburg for this momentous occasion and made my vote on the 22nd April 2009.


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