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Shadi-GadirianShadi Ghadirian (www.shadighadirian.com) Born in 1974 in Tehran.  She is a photographer who is still living and working in Iran. She studied photography at Azad University in Tehran. Working for the Museum of Photography (Akskhaneh Shahr), she’s also the photo Editor of the Iran Site, “Women In” and the manager of the first Iranian specialized photography site www.fanoosphoto.com.


PRIVATE 58 | IRAN today

The collection of photos published in this magazine is a photo-story of personal concerns, documentations and reports made by 14 photographers who live and work in Iran.

PRIVATE 30, IRAN I Awake in Your Eyes

PRIVATE 30 | IRAN. I Awake in Your Eyes

The collection of photographs before you is the stuff of nostalgia. Almost every work affects a spatio-temporal distance. To find the reasons, recall the events of the past two decades, beginning with the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which was a definitive rupture from a if not the past.