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Sarker Protick (www.sarkerprotick.com) is a Bangladeshi Documentary photographer based on Dhaka. For his bachelors, He studied marketing and it was there, from those books of advertising, he became interested in photography. Later, he joined ‘Pathshala- The South Asian Media Academy’ to study photography.
In 2012, his work was exhibited in Dhaka Art Summit. Later that same year, he won World Bank Art Program 2012 and Mark Grosset Price for International School of Photography 2012. He will be exhibiting at the Noorderlicht Photo Festival 2012, Netherlands.

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Sarker Protick | What Remains

It was in the afternoon, I was sitting on my grandpa’s couch. The door was slightly open and I saw light coming through, washed out between the white door and white walls. All of a sudden, it all started making sense. I could relate what I was seeing with what I felt.