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Sankar Sarkar, 1990, I am a drop out when I was at grade 2, didn’t have the opportunity to continue my formal education. But my visual literacy has led my pictures to get exhibited in Indian Museum, Kolkata in 2000, ChobiMela II (Dhaka) in 2004. I did internship at AIT, Bangkok supported by a Norwegian agency Fredskorpset in 2008. In the same year did internship for eight months in Drik Bangladesh. The project was 3 months long photography training programme involving domestic girl child workers in Kolkata and at its neighboring district. My photographs also had been exhibited at Oxford gallery in 2012 organized by Save The Children UK.

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Sankar Sarkar | Facing One’s Own

The picture reflects the dialogue with my mother through my camera. Camera is a tool for me in opening up a dialogue with my mother. My mother and I used to belong at different poles. She was trafficked to Sethbagan from Malkangiri in the state of Orissa where I was born. She had to become a sex worker.