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_DSC1988BRoger Gaess (www.rogergaess.com) “I’m an American, and split my time between Brussels and New York City.  Over the years I’ve gotten my share of university degrees.  Mostly I’ve supported myself as a journalist on a business newswire, though I’ve put in nights as a cab driver in New York to make ends meet.  During all this time, my art has been at the core of who I am.
My photography — from photojournalism to fine art — has appeared widely in a range of outlets and forms.  Among these, Le Monde diplomatique has 16 of my photos on the Yemeni drug trade on its website, New York’s Whitney Museum of Modern Art issued a dance image as a poster, and Lonely Planet Images (now part of Getty) offers several hundred of my travel photos for rights-managed sale.
Earlier I was associated with the Gamma Liaison and Middle East Photo agencies.
I’ve increasingly become known for my psychologically dark urban images and explorations of cultural minorities.  I’ve also had portfolios of photos in three major erotic book collections.
In recent years, I’ve been engaged in several personal projects.  In addition to “They Will Be Nameless: Rust Belt remnants, from brass thru Bethlehem,” I’ve done a 54-image series on the New York fetish scene during 1999-2005.  It’s generated considerable interest, with photos included in the ground-breaking “Fetish Art” gallery show in Brussels in January 2014 and acquisitions by the Kinsey Institute’s art and photography collection, at Indiana University.
Other projects include “Venice Fatale” (in-progress), a journey through the eerier aspects of Venice; and a 12-year-long study of ultra football (soccer) fans in the New York area.
I’ve also begun work on a series titled “Dark-side Belgium Dreaming” and later this year am planning to take an in-depth look at conditions the deaf labor under in the besieged Gaza Strip.
I’m also a writer.”