Robert Yager

Robert Yager is a Los Angeles based, photographer who grew up in London, England.  Interested in street culture and having studied Latin American Studies in the UK & Mexico, as well as Photography in the US, Yager decided to delve into the world of Latino street gangs in Los Angeles. It was 1991 and he has been documenting the lives of gang members ever since.

Yager published a book of photographs, ‘a.k.a. BooBoo’, which covers a 14 year time span in the life of Cindy Martinez, a female gang member.  An exhibition of this work led to becoming David Lee Roth’s personal photographer, documenting his return to touring the USA & Canada in Van Halen, in 2007. 2008 and again in 2012.

Yager continues to shoot portraits and maintains his interest in human society, particularly counter-culture.


PRIVATE 38 | Stories from the USA

PRIVATE 38 | Stories from the USA

In this issue of PRIVATE , they are not images to be quickly rushed through like channel surfing on a…
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