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London, UK - November 2006. Waiting for the last train to a friend’s house in South London.

Tom Farmer | A Life Between Brackets

A kind and generous man, I hope that these images show a little of the human cost the complex asylum system has on individuals left in limbo for such long periods of time, not only to their physical circumstance but their mental condition as well.



Kirk G Ellingham | Four Floors in Bielany: Chechen Refugees in Warsaw

Every day dozens of Chechens try to escape the Putin-proclaimed happy paradise in Chechnya by entering the European Union illegally via the border with Ukraine or Belarus.


PRIVATE 47, p. 64-65 (64-67)

Ahikam Seri | Africans seek asylum in Israel

More and more Africans seek asylum in Israel, risking mortal danger to cross the Egyptian border. They are smuggled over by local Bedouins and brave armed patrols and


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