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Riccardo Venturi

Riccardo Venturi was born in Rome in 1966. He started his career documenting Italian and European social issues like illegal immigration and the rising of Nazi movements in Germany, or the early years of democracy in Albania. In the mid 1990’s his attention was mainly drawn towards countries in conflict, foremost Afghanistan. Ever since, he has travelled to many countries at war among them Kosovo, Somalia, Gaza strip, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Libya. Over the last years Riccardo Venturi has kept on working with personal investigations and he has often worked for, and in collaboration with, the most important humanitarian agencies in the world. As a long term works, he realized in collaboration with the World Health Organization, a photographic project about the spreading of tuberculosis through the world and he has been involved in a project assigned by ANMIL (Italian national association gathering people who became disabled or mutilated persons in their workplaces) about the so called “white deaths”, work-related deaths and accidents. Most recently Riccardo Venturi has been covering the earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath keep on following the country over 2011. From 2001 Riccardo Venturi is distributed by Contrasto agency.

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