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Rafal Maleszyk
Growing up in southern Poland, Maleszyk spent his childhood and early years in post-communist Poland. He first started exploring photography using a 35mm Kiev on his fourteenth birthday, and learnt how to develop black and white prints in the dark room set up by his father in the family kitchen. From 1997 onwards, he traveled widely in Europe, Scandinavia and the United States, including Norway, Majorca, Vienna, the Netherlands and San Francisco, places that have inspired his artistic work.
Maleszyk’s photography is rooted in his interest in natural landscapes. For him, photography is the ultimate artistic form that captures one’s encounter or oneness with nature. His style focuses on simplifying and expressing with intimacy the perspectives in nature. In 1999, he worked for a German artist in Mallorca as a stone sculpture apprentice, where he developed his sensitivity towards textures and form. He later took up painting when studying at the College of Marin in California. The training in fine art has helped him with the craft of composition and experimentation.
In 2009, he moved to the Oahu island of Hawaii, immersing himself in the local community there and building his art portfolio.It was also in Hawaii that he took up wave riding, surfing with a kite, a passion that fuels his work and connects him with nature. He now works as a professional fine art black and white landscape photographer, specializing in large format prints series using a digital medium format Hasselblad camera. To date, his photographic portfolio covers landscapes from many countries including Poland, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador.