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PRIVATE 55 | Rurality Now

The last global farmers shelter in rifts and unreachable ravines enveloped in loneliness huddle on the margins and scraps of earth still damp from warm, organic contact and human touch. Precarious land that is alive because of extreme poverty.

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Michele Smargiassi | Rurality now

When they came to tell us that farming without farmers could exist we smiled. But now we have uninhabited expanses of land, mechanization, greenhouse plants untouched by human hand.


PRIVATE 55, p. 10-11

SUB Cooperativa de Fotógrafos | Paraguay: An ocean of soybean

This is the story of the settlement named ‘13 de mayo’ in the area of Itapua, Paraguay and a group of peasant families – about 70 people in total – trying to maintain their identity and their unique relationship with the land they cultivate within the framework of the booming soy monoculture.


PRIVATE 55, p. 14-15

Diana Markosian | Chernobyl’s Desolate Zone

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the world’s worst nuclear accident. I traveled to Chernobyl (Ukraine) to document a village which was never evacuated. When I drove through the settlement, I noticed homes that had been left destroyed and abandoned.


PRIVATE 55, p. 18-19

Gustavo Jononovich | Richland

Richland is my long-term documentary project (currently in progress) about the over-exploitation of the natural resources in Latin America and the resulting long-term negative effects, both human and environmental.


PRIVATE 55, p. 22-23

Fernando Gallardo | Iron Hands

In the ‘Dar es Salam II’, more precisely in ‘Compossed’, there is a waste disposal where everyday many trucks deliver one part of the 700.000 people’s city rubbish.


PRIVATE 55, p. 26-27

Laurent Weyl | Bangladesh: The Inconstant Archipelago

The village that becomes an island six months a year. Like many other villages from the North Eastern Bangladesh “haors”, the land that surrounds Abdulhapur island is flooded every year. For six months.

PRIVATE 55, p. 30-31

Salvi Danés | Hidalgos

We talk about hidden lands with deep historical roots, and nest of ancient myths and legends of ancient religious inheritance. Where we still find places and people detained in time, witnessing an atavistic past.


PRIVATE 55, p. 34-35

Maya Goded | Land of Witches

After finishing the series ‘Missing’ that examines the ‘disappeared’ women killed on the Mexico-USA border, I developed a need to change the destiny of these women.


PRIVATE 55, p. 42-43

Viktoria Sorochinski | Land of No-Return

This series was shot in Ukrainian villages during the Fall and Winter of 2009. In countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova, life in the countryside is hard to imagine.


PRIVATE 55, p. 46-47

Shelby Lee Adams | Salt & Truth

For years I have worked by word of mouth and personal introduction. However, it is becoming more difficult to find the authentic salt-of-the-earth people, who are now being overrun by a more sugar-coated society.


PRIVATE 55, p. 50-51

Oksana Yushko | Kenozero Dreams

Kenozero is the name of an area in the North of Russia lost among the forests and awful roads. Several ordinary villages are spread near the lake of the same name.


PRIVATE 55, p. 54-55

Rocco Rorandelli | Behind the Smokescreen

India is the second producer of tobacco in the world. Plantations are mainly used for bidis and chewing tobacco. Farmers working in bidi (hand-rolled cigarettes) tobacco fields are often seasonal laborers.


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