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You are only dust amidst dust. You are only just visible even if you gesticulate, even if you make a commotion, even if you speak loud and clearly: you act in a silent film. Or rather: one hears nothing that you would like because…

Lyle Owerko, PRIVATE 54
PRIVATE Photographers

Lyle Owerko | The Samburu

There are many stories about the ancient history and exact origin of the Samburu – sometimes referred to as ‘The Butterfly People’. The events of their beginnings have been passed along orally through the ages…

Benjamin Goss, PRIVATE 54
PRIVATE Photographers

Benjamin Goss | Breathe

I have always been curious and fascinated about slight expressions, movements of the face. The story telling of the eyes, and who we are or become when in front of the camera. For the project ‘Breathe’ I was looking for a more organic, spiritual, and unmasked feeling.

Stephen Dupont, PRIVATE 54
PRIVATE Photographers

Stephen Dupont | Sing-Sing

Stephen Dupont, Sing-Sing. PRIVATE 54, p. 34-35 Buy PRIVATE 54 tephen Dupont’s Polaroid portraits from Sing-Sing, shot on 665 negative positive black and white film, are moments captured during preparation for the annual festival at Mount Hagen in Papua New Guinea. The choice to conduct this study in black and...

Lori Vrba, PRIVATE 54
PRIVATE Photographers

Lori Vrba | Piano Farm

Lori Vrba, Piano Farm. PRIVATE 54, p. 52-53 Buy PRIVATE 54 y daughter Olivia began piano lessons at the age of 6, on an old upright nestled into a converted sleeping porch on Emerson Farm. Sara is her teacher and the farm’s caretaker. As an artist, I quickly realized I...

PRIVATE Photographers

Sarolta Bán | Dreams

PRIVATE 54, p. 56-57 Buy PRIVATE 54 bout three years ago I discovered digital photo manipulations and I quickly fell in love with it. It’s like playing and it gives almost unlimited possibilities to develop many ideas. LOST → I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can...

Mi Zhou, PRIVATE 54
PRIVATE Photographers

Mi Zhou | The Earth

Mi Zhou, The Earth. PRIVATE 54, p. 60-61 Buy PRIVATE 54 hat attracted me was the simplicity and basic idea in human history, when people still treated nature with awe and fear. They lived the simple and primitive life, with their very basic understanding of their environment. The simplicity originated...

Ross McDonnell, PRIVATE 54
PRIVATE Photographers

Ross McDonnell | Turkana. Cultures of change

Ross McDonnell, Turkana. Cultures of change. PRIVATE 54, p. 66-67 Buy PRIVATE 54 hese images document, from a cultural perspective, the impact of climate change on the tribal communities of the Turkana people of Northwestern Kenya. The Turkana are pastoralist communities and are among the many indigenous cultures subjected to...

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