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The photos in this volume are personal records of events that have taken place in the physical world. They are about discovery, not creation; about finding out, not inventing – for other people to see how the photographer has framed what he has witnessed. These photos are meant to educate us. And they will, provided […]

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Hans Durrer | Hope

Since we are living, to a large part, in a socially constructed world – think of the legal system or of bureaucracy, for instance –, social reports can be pretty much about anything and everything that explores conditions and trends in a community.


Ernesto Benavides, PRIVATE 53

Ernesto Benavides | Fallout of the guano fever

The imbalance between need and consumerism has upset the equilibrium of nature. But in the current scenario, people are forced to eke out a living, sometimes in extreme circumstances.


Eduardo Martino, PRIVATE 53

Eduardo Martino | Modern-day Slavery in Brazil

Modern-day slavery in Brazil is very different to the kind practised during the colonial era. Brazil was the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery and today it takes place mostly in the Amazon…


Julien Pebrel, PRIVATE 53

Julien Pebrel | Sulina, the European Far-East

At 0 km from the Danube, Sulina’s old lighthouse is only a symbol. The eastern gate of the European Union since the accession of Romania in 2007, it illuminates no more cargo…


Zalmaï, PRIVATE 53

Zalmaï | The human cost of the war on terror in Afghanistan

Ten years after the world promised to rebuild Afghanistan, its people are again losing hope. In the course of these years, a humanitarian disaster has been taking place in the country…


Matt Eich, PRIVATE 53

Matt Eich | Carry Me Ohio

Once known for its bounty of coal, salt, clay and timber, Southeastern Ohio was stripped of its resources by the mining corporations that thrived from the 1820s to the 1960s…


Marco Garro, PRIVATE 53

Marco Garro | Under the shadow

The small towns from the Andes were the most affected during the internal armed conflict that Peru had to face for 20 years (1980’s to 2000). People lived in a continuous state of fear due to the presence of the terrorist groups…


Luca Catalano Gonzaga, PRIVATE 53

Luca Catalano Gonzaga | Gold fever

Gold in Burkina has become the most exported product in the country overtaking cotton. In the last year 11 thousand tons of gold have been extracted in Burkina Faso a number which has more than doubled…


Saiful Huq Omi, PRIVATE 53

Saiful Huq Omi | The Disowned and the Denied

Suffering from severe human rights violations, the stateless Rohingya refugees of Burma have taken refuge around the world. After Burma gained independence from Britain in 1948, civil war broke out when many ethnic nationalities and the Communist Party of Burma…


Michele Borzoni, PRIVATE 53

Michele Borzoni | Christian minority in Pakistan

With 1.6% of the population and some 3 million believers, the Christian minority in Pakistan is the second largest religious minority after Hindus. After the partition of the Indian subcontinent and with the Zia-ul-Haq’s islamization of Pakistan…


Kathryn Cook, PRIVATE 53

Kathryn Cook | Memory of Trees

In the early 1900s, as the Ottoman Empire collapsed, a fiercely nationalistic “Young Turks” movement took power. With the Empire’s fall, the multi-cultural attitude that had made it one of the most diverse world powers became eclipsed by…


Jean-Marc Caimi, PRIVATE 53

Jean-Marc Caimi | Musina crossing

Zimbabwe ranks 169 out of 169 countries in the Human Development Index 2010. Unemployment in the country reaches a rate of 95% (2009) and the schooling system is collapsing. An estimated 3,000 Zimbabweans die each week due to AIDS…


Brigitte Grignet, PRIVATE 53

Brigitte Grignet | Chiloé – La Cruz del Sur

In 1974, I was six. I was in Belgium and I had never heard words such as “exile” or “dictatorship”. My mother had a pupil, a Chilean girl who had just escaped the regime of dictator Pinochet…


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