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Such photographs are there not to gratify a curiosity, but are made in response to a feeling: it is not only the landscape we see, even if it takes solid form, and darkens or brightens in certain frames, or is transformed by the space under changing skies…

PRIVATE Photographers

Dominique Mérigard | Beauséjour inventaire

PRIVATE 49, p. 14-15 Dominique Mérigard, Beauséjour inventaire, from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences Coming back to the village of my origins and to my family house is like diving once again into my childhood and to walking on the steps of those who have gone. Each trip to my country is an...

PRIVATE Photographers

Grégoire Korganow | Père et fils

PRIVATE 49, p. 20-21 Grégoire Korganow, Père et fils, from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences A black background. A stark single light source. Two men stand in front of my lens. They are not the same age. One is approaching sixty, the other is just 30. Father and son. Bare-chested, skin against skin....

PRIVATE Photographers

Dorothée Smith | Löyly (no miracles here)

PRIVATE 49 - FRANCE présences, p. 24 - 29 Dorothée Smith, Löyly (no miracles here), from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences n the Finnish language, «Löyly» describes the raising of innocuous smoke resulting from the transformation of matter (water -> steam), allegoric of the mutation of gender. The series displays barren landscapes, where everything looks...

PRIVATE Photographers

Laëtitia Donval | Nerves (psychiatry)

PRIVATE 49 - FRANCE présences, p. 30 - 35 Laëtitia Donval, Nerves (psychiatry), from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences «I was in a psychiatric institute, immersed in a place I could not escape from. Facing the other patients’ vulnerability as much as my own, I photographed the daily setting of our isolation: rooms, corridors and...

PRIVATE Photographers

Maki | Untitled

The score of my life is written regularly like that, taking the form of photographic fragments in which I exorcise my sufferings by undressing the tragedy of existence

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