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Do You know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by fear? Total kind. The kind I felt when they opened the cell. You’re entering and there is this little bulb…




There is some place. Without an address. In the middle of the wood. This is the place, where some kind of people found their asylum.


Lukasz Zietek, Korektura, Shoes 2012

Shootme Art at IAFwarsaw 2016

Shootme Art will be showing a carefully curated booth that showcases the diversity of its esthetically and conceptually contrasting artists…

Warsaw, Poland - March, 2015. “There is nothing for them (polish expatriates) to come back to. The social security is okay and they feel safe. Young and ambitious people will go abroad. It is often about work and the money and there is not enough opportunity here.”


Transitions, photo essay by David Shaw. Your EUrope Poland Poland is a Catholic country however many of the more old fashioned traditions are pushing some people away.


Bochnia, Poland - January 2014

Learning to Swim

The series explores the mother and daughter relationship; it is about the physical and the emotional distance that increases as the child grows and gains independence.


Wloclawek, Poland - April 2014. Heating Plant.


A middle-sized city in the center of Poland, halfway between the mountains and the Baltic Sea. Neither rich, nor really poor, with a typical history of a region’s industrial capital which blossomed in the time of state socialism and lost that position after 1989.



The Man without Past

The feeling that he was born in the wrong place and in the wrong time has been with him for his whole life. In his childhood he had no ideas about the world around him. He was born in a small town in southern Poland…


Netting of extermination camp of Birkenau, Poland - May 2015

The flowers of Birkenau, photo essay by Andrea Giubelli

Visiting the nazi extermination camp of Birkenau, the first thing you notice is the large dimension. A huge area surrounded by netting. Auschwitz-Birkenau was the most important concentration and extermination camp established by Nazi Germany to implement its Final Solution policy.


Bialystok, Poland - November 2014


I am interested how they think about freedom, what do they feel about it, why many of them couldn’t live outside prison and come back again… (photo essay by Kamil Sleszynski)



Warsaw Nights

We are twenty and thirty years old. We finished school, we are still studying, and working. We are still trying to find our place. We engage ourselves in the arts, while making careers in corporations…


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