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Photo exhibition

Skin Deep

Photographic exhibition: Andreas Fux, Pedro Slim, Karlheinz Weinberger. This skin, that holds the poetry to contain us, is not a blank page. Grain, color, thickness, reactivity, hairiness, scars, marks, it reflects the body and expresses the power of biology and time…

Photo exhibition

Louis Faurer

© Louis Faurer. Win, Place, and Show, New York, c. 1946-1948. From Septembre 9, to December 18, 2016, the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson is delighted to be able to offer the French public a wide-ranging selection of photographs by Louis Faurer (1916-2001). The project was first discussed with Howard Greenberg, whose gallery...

Photo exhibition

Jean-François Joly – Terres d’exil

À la fin du Moyen-Âge, d’étranges voyageurs arrivent en Europe, qui se disent originaires de la "petite Égypte", faisant à rebours l’itinéraire des Croisades. D’où viennent-ils ? Qui sont-ils ? On les appelle "bohémiens", ou "Égyptiens".

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