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Osamu_JingujiOsamu Jinguji (website), 1962, Japan.
Now, I’m a photo artist and a creator but my first career as an artist is an actor and a model. After their activities for 5 years, I retired owing to bad health. After taking over 25 years of twists and turns, I made a decision to live as an artist again and finally selected to become a photographer which I like the best of ever and fit my current life style very much. So, it means that, living, as a photographer, must be my last resort to survive in this world.

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A modest resistance in flux of space-time

eye050, Selected from my album ‘Thinking Eyeball'. 2010. Tokyo, Japan. A modest resistance in flux of space-time, photo essay by Osamu Jinguji My current work is not the result of simply taking photos. It is to excise a precise cross-section of all times, spaces and emotions flowing in parallel with...