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Nick Cobbing is a photographer specialising in the environment, science and ecology, with particular reference to the Arctic region.



PRIVATE 45 | DEVELOPMENT. An Ecological Question

Our planet is in crisis; a crisis captured through this collection of photo essays taken by world-class photographers. It tells a story of environmental degradation and gives a voice to some of the forgotten peoples who are paying the price. This issue of PRIVATE takes us on a journey across the world, highlighting the human and environmental costs of “development” from our rivers and land to the skies above us.

Nick Cobbing (the Noorderlicht journey)
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Nick Cobbing | The Noorderlicht journey

PRIVATE 45, Nick Cobbing (the Noorderlicht journey) Nick Cobbing, The Noorderlicht journey, from PRIVATE 45 – Development. An Ecological Question The arctic mechanism is out of balance — it is melting more than it is freezing. I was privileged to get a glimpse inside the ice machine, to hear the collected snowfall...