A Journey without distance…, photo essay by Monirul Alam

You are meant to live a sacred life. A life of purpose is meaning and direction. You have a body, you have a mind, and you are part of society. You have to learn to get along with people basically and to take care of yourself and become responsible to the world, to a certain extent but your greater responsibility is to knowledge that is within you to guide you. You must find this sacred life. You start with yourself, within yourself, to find the source and center of your power and inner direction. Afterwards we prepare ourselves, and then we leave. Therefore, A Journey without distance is my questionable discoveries where I live.

As a visual storyteller, I started my new photography project name ‘A Journey Without Distance’. During my photo shoot I fell and spent many times and with close to my subject to lessen their untold stories and share with you through my visual language, which I experience‚Ķ

(by Monirul Alam)