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Third Anniversary RANA PLAZA | Industrial Disaster

Third Anniversary RANA PLAZA | Industrial Disaster, © Monirul Alam 24/04/2016 Dhaka Bangladesh Monirul Alam The death workers DNA number display on the graveyard, people pay their respects at the Jurain graveyard at the capital's Old Dhaka on April 24, 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh. as they mark the third anniversary of the...

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Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women, © Monirul Alam 25/11/2015 Dhaka,Bangladesh Bangladesh Monirul Alam Nov. 25, 2015 – Dhaka, Bangladesh – Women activists protest demanding elimination of violence against women on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in front of Central Shaid Minar in Dhaka.Recent global prevalence...

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River Life

River Life, © Monirul Alam 21 June 2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh Monirul Alam Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. A group of Bangladeshi children jump from the anchor launch into the river Buriganga, while they come to river for bathing....

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Road Accident

03/06/2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh. © Monirul Alam 03/06/2015 Dhaka, Bangladesh Monirul Alam Fighter fighter takes a body from the spot and rush to the hospital. A passenger bus has overturned while racing another on traffic free road in the central Dhaka, finally bus helper spot dead several other injured. when a...


PRIVATE 51 | Global Report 2

As unique and special the scenes are that the photographers for this issue have chosen to focus on, the similarities (what we have in common, what we share) that can be found around the globe are striking.