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True or real? China. PRIVATE 50
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1.99 | PRIVATE 50 | 2010 | True or real? China

Human relationships, which function according to “traditional” expressive and behavioral codes, become devoid of their original foundation, thus merely retaining their “formal” aspects, which in turn imbues them with a greater complexity, given that it becomes increasingly difficult to gauge the sincerity and depth of what one says (and of what one is).


PRIVATE 50 | True or Real? CHINA

In contemporary China, uncertainty about what is “true” and what is “false”, “reality” and “appearance”, extends from the realm of photography to that of existence itself. We often feel that we are confronted with such an illusory, ambiguous, unexpected “reality” as to lead us to doubt not just our perceptions, but our very capacity for interpretation.


PRIVATE 29 | EARTH. The infinite China of the countryside

The objective of this issue of PRIVATE is China outside the cities, the infinite China of the countryside, and it has the declared intention to give justice to about 900 millions people who live in a huge territory at the borders of the economic miracle. The artists are all Chinese, and among the best contemporary photographers.