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Nicolas Landemard | The Invisibles

They call themselves the invisibles. Impossible to be sure how many they are in Ostende and around, certainly more than we can imagine. Coming from all around the planet they end here on the Belgium coast, where the railroad ends.

International Photo Festival

PhotoIreland Festival 3rd Edition

Migration is not only moving from one place to another, it is also a process of losing, rebuilding, defending and examining one's own cultural identity. The photographic medium has always been at the forefront of investigating these phenomena, producing iconic images, recording moments of change, questioning cultural identity.

PhotoEssays Online

Arno Brignon | End of Europe in Ceuta

On the road from Tétouan to Ceuta. Ceuta is located a few tens of kilometers from Tangier, forming, on the African continent, the other cape of the Strait of Gibraltar. Ceuta is also a dead end, crossed by the Moroccans from Europe who took the ferry from Algeciras to reach...

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Migrant Workers Journey

n tempo sarebbero stati chiamati schiavi, oggi vengono definiti clandestini o lavoratori stagionali. Ma lo sfruttamento è rimasto lo stesso e non hanno nessuna voce, nessun diritto. Neanche quello di ammalarsi o di farsi curare in ospedale perché, se privi di permesso di soggiorno, rischiano fino a quattro anni di...

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