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Michael Ackerman (www.agencevu.com), born in 1967 in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 1974, his family moves to New York City. In 1985, he enters the University of New York in Albany and begins to take pictures after joining a student run photography organization. Ignores school and photographs obsessively. In 1993, he makes his first voyage to India. Photographs in many cities across the country but is especially moved by Benares and returns there repeatedly. In 1997, he travels to Europe and meets and begins to work with Christian Caujolle, director of Gallerie VU in Paris, France. He meets Robert Delpire who agrees to publish the Benares pictures under the title End Time City. From 1999 to 2002, he works repeatedly in Naples, Marseille, Berlin, Katowice and Havana. In 2007, he moves to Warsaw.

Photo cover: Boza Ivanovic

PRIVATE 40 | Crossing Boundaries

Through subjects which are hard, frequently morbid and often far from our everyday concerns, these photographers are taking on the primary role of the artist. They are revealing our deepest contradictions and expressing their dreams and the nightmares which we prefer to forget.