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Metropolitan Minotaur – photo essay by Iris Alba

Metropolitan Minotaur is a snorkeling in the Paris underground, in the crowded or desert subway, day or night, always at night though because the day never exists there. Both Theseus and Odysseus, I feel like a lonely hero in the modern city, armed with my little silver compact camera.



When I look at the twenty photographers which make up this Metropolis edition of PRIVATE, it’s not what makes the cities different from each other that strikes me, in fact I’d say that these big cities are very similar to each other, not in their detail, faces, bodies and scenes, but in the variety of emotions which they arouse and which we all experience.


PRIVATE 15 | New York. Lunatic Park

Photo cover: Fred Ivar Utsi Klemetsen (front), Francesco Morandin (back) Buy/Gift this issue New York, with its dreamy fragments of daily life and shards of reality, through the eye of one who arrives and explores a city and the reaction of the city itself....