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Mehdi Monem > Born in 1961 in Rasht (Northen Iran), he is a self-educated photographer. During 25 years after the war he worked on the after-effects of the war on people.


PRIVATE 58 | IRAN today

The collection of photos published in this magazine is a photo-story of personal concerns, documentations and reports made by 14 photographers who live and work in Iran.

PRIVATE Photographers

Mehdi Monem | Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War

Mehdi Monem, Civilian Victims of Iran-Iraq War. PRIVATE 58, p. 62-63 (62-65) Buy PRIVATE 58 In September 22nd 1980, Iran-Iraq war started with the bombardment of some Iranian cities. In the beginning, no one could imagine that this war would be one of the longest wars of the history. During...