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Max Peef

Max Peef is a documentary photographer 42 years old, italian. Most of the early years in photography were dedicated to the advertising and fashion industry, living between Milan and London. More recently the discipline of advertising in his style combined with years of experience collaborating with editors has helped greatly in making a decisive transition to dealing through his photography with the big social issues. The many years experienced in collaborations with editors has taken him over this decisive passage.From that point, the majority of communication projects he has been involved with have been into world big wanderings. Since 2004 he has tackled as a freelance and commissioned assignement events in South Africa, Rwanda, Dem. Rep. of Congo, Israel, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo. In Italy he pubblished the first book describing the problems of comunication experienced by HIV positive people, titled IL PESO DEL SILENZIO (The waight of Silence), Ed. Marna. Sales of the book have helped for the comunication and the fight for HIV problems. In 2005 he put much of his efforts in Democratic Repubblic of Congo, which suffers thousands of emergencies from medical to social from water problems to childrens.

PRIVATE 42 | Social Issues

PRIVATE 42 | Social Issues

The photographers of this volume report the world as they have researched, investigated, explored, experienced and discovered it, and decided…
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