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Matteo Cardin

Matteo Cardin (www.matteocardin.com) I was born in Italy, in 1974.
From 2008 to 2009 I studied photography at the International College of Professional Photography (ICPP) in Melbourne. In 2008, I joined the Italian agency SIME photo. In 2008 and 2009 I attended two workshops with Gary Night, Philip Blenkinsop and Marcus Bleasdale respectively in Cambodia and Kashmir. In 2010 I joined the organisation Photographers for Hope led by David Burnet and Anna Wang. The same year I moved to Pula, Croatia where a currently live and work. In Pula I run my own business, Eikon Studio, an independent publishing house and photografic studio.

Matteo Cardin | Hazaribagh – Dhaka’s tannery
Photo Essays

Matteo Cardin | Hazaribagh – Dhaka’s tannery

In Bangladesh, the leather industry is one of the most important economy. Most of the tanneries are based in the…
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