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Massimo Sciacca (www.massimosciacca.com) Born in Bologna, Italy. Involved in documentary photography since the 90’s, focusing mainly on social, political and economical topics.
Works for different magazines and newspapers and realized several reportages in different countries like the Balkans, East Timor, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Philippines, French Polinesia, South America, USA and Africa.
Received the World Press Award in 1998, the Linea D’ombra Prize and the Fuji prize in photojournalism in 1999
Now mostly working in United States, the Balkans and recently center Africa. Based in Bologna, Italy


PRIVATE 42 | Social Issues

The photographers of this volume report the world as they have researched, investigated, explored, experienced and discovered it, and decided to tell us about.



Buy/Gift PRIVATE 32 For those born before television, before sleep became one amongst many options, night was travelled through with caution. Because it was a place where all of the world’s negativity lurked. Night clouded reason and at nightfall the legends of the non-living once again became real, exacting a...


PRIVATE 5 | Una nuova vita vi attende nella colonia extra-mondo

Queste foto che ritraggono altri corpi, altri volti, altri scenari, innescano (così mi sembra) una sensazione di appartenenza, di coinvolgimento, di riconoscimento con la propria storia, con la propria memoria; è la stessa suggestione malinconica (scevra però di melassa e di sentimentalismo) che coglie chiunque si accinga a sfogliare, con disincanto, l’album fotografico di famiglia, una propria sequenza di immagini.