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Martyn AimMartyn Aim (www.martynaim.com) is a documentary photographer with a background in research. He has an MA Visual Anthropology and an M.Phil in Social Anthropology. His images were purchased for permanent display in the British Museum. Martyn has worked on news and feature stories in the Middle East, Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. His work has recently been exhibited in France at the Arles Photography Festival, in New York at the 25PCW Gallery. Martyn is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Martyn Aim | Borderlanders

KYRGYZSTAN - October 2013. A Kyrgyz trader makes his way to the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border. An ongoing project tracing the borderlines of the young nations of ex-Soviet Central Asia in order to explore the political and economic changes that local people must navigate to survive, set within a formidable landscape of...