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Marta Sarlo

Marta Sarlo was born in Trani in 1983 and currently lives and works in Rome. In 2007, after a three year period, she was graduated by the Scuola Romana di Fotografia.Ā During the years 2006-2007, she produced a reportage focused on inmates living conditions in the psychiatric and penitentiary hospital of Aversa and in 2007, thanks to suchĀ reportage, FNAC assigned her an honorable mention (ā€œAttention to a photographic talentā€). Starting from 2007 she has been working for CONTRASTO. In 2008 she took partĀ in the Reflexions-masterclass, held by Giorgia Fiorio and Gabriel Bauret. Ā In 2009, with the reportage focused on obesity entitledĀ Angela, Ā she won the prize ā€œCanon GiovaniĀ Fotografiā€.

PRIVATE 42 | Social Issues

PRIVATE 42 | Social Issues

The photographers of this volume report the world as they have researched, investigated, explored, experienced and discovered it, and decided…
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