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Lori Vrba (www.lorivrba.com), born in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Usa).



You are only dust amidst dust. You are only just visible even if you gesticulate, even if you make a commotion, even if you speak loud and clearly: you act in a silent film. Or rather: one hears nothing that you would like because…

Lori Vrba, PRIVATE 54
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Lori Vrba | Piano Farm

Lori Vrba, Piano Farm. PRIVATE 54, p. 52-53 Buy PRIVATE 54 y daughter Olivia began piano lessons at the age of 6, on an old upright nestled into a converted sleeping porch on Emerson Farm. Sara is her teacher and the farm’s caretaker. As an artist, I quickly realized I...