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Born in Florence in 1973, Lorenzo Castore studied photography in Rome after returning from a stay in New York. He won the Mario Giacomelli Price in 2003 and the Leica European Publisher Award in 2005. In addition to published two books, “Nero” and “Paradiso,” Castore’s works are exhibited in Rome, Milan, Crocovia and Paris.

Photo exhibition

Lorenzo Castore – Notebook II

s.t. foto libreria galleria - via degli ombrellari, 25 Roma. Dal 7 ottobre al 10 novembre 2013, dal lunedì alla domenica 10:30-19:30. Inaugurazione : lunedì 7 ottobre, ore 19:00-22:00. More info : www.stsenzatitolo.it © Lorenzo Castore A quattro anni di distanza da Notebook,  Lorenzo Castore presenta un nuovo capitolo del suo diario fotografico in...



Buy/Gift PRIVATE 32 For those born before television, before sleep became one amongst many options, night was travelled through with caution. Because it was a place where all of the world’s negativity lurked. Night clouded reason and at nightfall the legends of the non-living once again became real, exacting a...