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Kobane, Syria. 26 Decenber 2014: Armed  fighter of the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) are seen on the defense line around Kobane the Syrian besieged border town of Ain al-Arab also named Kobanê.

Kobane frontline

Kobane frontline, photo essay by Jonathan Raa Months of fighting and intense air strikes against jihadi insurgents in Kobane there is victory. Fighters of the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG – YPJ) did retake Kobane also know as Ain al-Arab. With the support from the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga who have been heavily shelling Islamic […]


QANDIL, Kurdistan, 2013: Two female PJAK guerrillas walking trough the Qandil mountain

Maryam Ashrafi | Kurdish women fighters

Their battle, I believe, is harder than that of their male counterparts, as they are not only fighting for their basic rights as Kurds, but also as women, in societies that are heavily male-dominated.


Gülşin Ketenci, Combined Class in Agri, Turkey, PRIVATE 56, p. 16-17

Gülşin Ketenci | Combined Class in Agri

Bozoglak Cavuslu Primary school is located in the Kurdish village of Patnos, Agri. The school has two combined classes and 80 students.


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