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Kathryn Cook (www.krcphoto.com), born in 1979 in Washington DC (USA), she grew up in New Mexico. She is represented by Agence VU’ in Paris and by Prospekt agency in Italy. She lives in Rome (Italy).



The photos in this volume are personal records of events that have taken place in the physical world. They are about discovery, not creation; about finding out, not inventing – for other people to see how the photographer has framed what he has witnessed. These photos are meant to educate us. And they will, provided we are willing.

Kathryn Cook, PRIVATE 53
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Kathryn Cook | Memory of Trees

In the early 1900s, as the Ottoman Empire collapsed, a fiercely nationalistic “Young Turks” movement took power. With the Empire’s fall, the multi-cultural attitude that had made it one of the most diverse world powers became eclipsed by…