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Ireneusz Zjezdzalka was a photographer, curator, gallery director and critic. Since 2004 he has been the editor-in-chief of Kwartalnik Fotografia, a bilingual (English/Polish) Polish photography magazine that highlights contemporary photography, history and theory of photography and interacts with photographers from Eastern European. Formerly Mr. Zjezdzalka worked as curator in PF gallery in Poznan, Poland. His photographic essays have been published in many art magazines including Kwartalnik Fotografia, EXIT- new art in Poland, Arteon, Imago, Czas Kultury, Pozytyw. He’s also editor of Jerzy Lewczynski’s (very important Polish vanguard photographer) book. Mr. Zjezdzalka’s own art work has been presented in individual and group exhibition in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Canada and Lithuania. In 2004 he also became the Gallery Director of2piR, a gallery within a humanistic high school in Poznan”.


PRIVATE 41 | From Poland

What is the state of Polish photography after 2000 then? This is a difficult question: today there seems to be a lack of meaningful currents and trends, and lots of authors borrow from other countries.



Images used in photojournalism today look, to me, like fragments of reality snatched from a complex world which is essentially indescribable. […] Photojournalism today is a heroic thing. It is an old song, a last raised voice.