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Imre Benkö

His main field of interest is the visual interpretation of the real life, is the characteristic documentative description of the man

1963   Started photographing.

1971   Completed the photoreporter faculty of The Association of Hungarian Journalists School.

1977 – 1979  Studies in the Studio of Young Photographic Artists.

1968 – 1986  Press photographer for the Hungarian News Agency (MTI).

1986 – 1990  Principal contributor  photographer for the „Képes 7” magazine.

1992             Principal contributor  photographer for the „Európa” magazine.

From 1993  freelance photographer.

1991 – 2008  Paris photo agency Wostok Press takes care of his photos abroad.

From 1973  member of the Association of Hungarian Photographic Artists.

1988 – 2000  lecturer of documentary photo in Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

From 1987 he photographed the decay of the metallurgy in the town of Ózd. These photos won the scholarship in Grant of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund (New York), 1992.



    Images used in photojournalism today look, to me, like fragments of reality snatched from a complex world which is essentially…

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