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4 Stelle Hotel, Tor Sapienza, Rome, 2014. The Hotel is protected by barbed wire and barricades built by the tenants.

4Stelle Hotel

4Stelle Hotel is the story of this multi-ethnic apartment building, which is fighting for a brighter future, under constant threat of eviction by the authorities.


PALERMO, ITALY - May 2014. A crowd of cars belonging to Tunisian immigrants wait at the port to board on the ferry that connects Palermo and Tunis (Tunisia). Some Tunisian immigrants have built a business between Europe and Africa buying second hand products in Italy to sell them in Tunisia. All the goods are piled on the cars' roof and brought to Tunisia on a passenger ferry. In the background the ferry is landing at Palermo port.

Heavily Loaded

Since people started sailing in the ancient times, merchants across the Mediterranean Sea have given life to a rich trade with the other populations inhabiting the Mediterranean shores.


Bari, Italy - Jan 2011. A view from the courtyard of the Socrate.

Massimo Barberio | The Neverending Story – South Antifa

It’s very important to remember that all the immigrants that arrive from Africa in Italy, are seen in a very suspicious way in a nation day by day more intolerant…


Gary Knight, PRIVATE 57

Gary Knight | Inmigración Topografia: The Incineration of Migrant Dreams

This is a story about migration, the illegal migration of thousands of men, women and children from Central and South America into the United States.


ATHENS, GREECE - September 2012. Immigrants loiter on Athinas street in central Athens. Most of Athens' immigrant population finds refuge, legal and illegal employment in the city's historic center.

Marcos Andronicou | Athens: Life in the Broken City

A volatile air of misery and uncertainty has plagued the Greek capital since the onset of the Global Economic Crisis in 2008.


Iñapari, January 2012, A haitian refugee walks along the bridge that separates Iñapari (Peru) with Assis, in Brazil. This bride was close to them for almost 4 months.

Leslie Searles | The Third Frontier

The aim of the project was to explore the conditions of Haitian immigrants who were stranded for four months in the Peruvian border with Brazil, while in search of the Brazilian dream.


PRIVATE 47, p. 42-43

Stanislav Dvir | South Sudanese refugees in Israel

From the year 2005 the state of Israel is meeting with massive immigration from east Africa. Most of the refugees and the infiltrators entering from the Egyptian border are


PRIVATE 47, p. 68-69 (68-73)

Nitzan Hafner | Left behind

The story of the Falashmura is a story about a dual tragedy. Families are torn between Israel and Ethiopia and face difficulties in their absorption into Israeli society due to


Michel Lozano (Shipwrecks of the night)

Michel Lozano | Shipwrecks of the night

oping to find a better life in Europe, every year dozens of men, women and children die while tempting to cross the Strait of Gibraltar on board makeshift crafts, without anybody showing the slightest interest. Hardly twenty years ago, southern European countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece were exporting labor. The massive emigration was […]



Mastering this split image is the role which photographers of African origin have assigned themselves, sometimes against their better judgement, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

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PRIVATE 36, p. 74-75 (74-77), Adolphus Opara | Makoko

Adolphus Opara | Makoko

Makoko is a small settlement located in Lagos (South of Nigeria). It is a settlement


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