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Srinagar, Kashmir 2011. 3 year old tariq lost his parents to 2009 kashmir riots. He now lives in a care-home on the outskirts of Srinagar. In the same riots, he was hit by a rubber bullet in the eye partially impairing him from his vision.

Narayan Tushar Kaudinya | Home, sky

These images are a journey into the isolated alleyways that exist between the past and the present and articulate a dreary silence.


Estonia - Narva - March 2011. Irina and Sergej are sitting in their kitchen and talking about their life

Carolina Harkort | I Am Human

All three manage to live a normal life in a society that segregates them as “ill people”, despite the unbreakable fact that they are human beings, just the same as the rest of us.


PRIVATE 36, p. 18-19 (18-21), John Robinson | Duduza, place of hope

John Robinson | Duduza, place of hope

An old prison once derelict and abandoned is ironically now the home of about 12 Pietermaritzburg children. Some of them are very young


PRIVATE 36, p. 30-31 (30-35), Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

Chris Kirchhoff | Circles of faith

I have a fascination for exploration and discovery and have traveled widely from Antarctica to Mongolia and across Africa. My photography


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