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Gdansk, Poland, October 2016


If the core of knowledge is change and adaptation, then Erasmus + program is the perfect tool… an environment away from stereotypes of the national school.

Mytilene, Agrilia Kratigou’s beach, Lesvos, March 2017. The photograph shows the thermal image of the coast of Turkey, near Cesme. Thermal devices are used for the patrol and the identification of refugee boats that arrive clandestinely from Turkey.

Where The West Sets

The series of photographs reflects the consequences that the refugee crisis is having… feelings of hostility, fear, and xenophobia among the Greeks.



Every book is an island

EVERY BOOK IS AN ISLAND is a photobook making workshop with Eloi Gimeno and 3/3. LUCE offers a workshop of exception in an exceptional location: PHOTO BOOK MAKING with Eloi Gimeno and 3/3 on the island of Andros in Greece, from 15 to 19 October 2016. The choice of this operating center is born from […]

Aegean Sea, Greece winter 2016

Caesura – the duration of a sigh

“Caesura” is a collection of photographs about the transitory identity state of refugees and migrants entering Greece after crossing the Aegean Sea on their way to Europe


TSEPELOVO, GREECE - December 2012. Α female hand opens the curtain.

The Shadow of Things

Looking at Antigone Kourakou’s photographs, one fully perceives the suggestive range of photographic abstraction. Although there is scarce visual information that connects the pictures with the real scenes, the situations, and the events they were born out of, the photographs imperatively call for our interpretation.


A closed down video club in Filippou Str, Thessaloniki, Greece

Going out of Business

With Greece in its 6th year of recession, tens of thousands of small businesses have been forced to close and many more are likely to go the same way.


Milos, Cyclades Islands (Greece) - August 2015

Back to the Cyclades, a trip in Greece – photo essay by Paolo Ruggiero

Here I am again, among those whitewashed streets, among these cats that are the most blessed in the world and, among the Meltemi flurries.


Athens, Greece - March 2013. Albrecht Durer's famous work "Praying hands" was adapted by the artist Manolis Anastasakou with the name "He, is praying for us" and was created with the idea to change the prey of a man into prey of god for everything that has to do with the crisis in Greece.  Greece, since 2009 is undergoing a period of heavy and deep economic crisis with its people experiencing probably the worst situation they have been found in after the IIWW.

The austerity effect

Greece, since 2009 is undergoing a period of heavy and deep economic crisis. In 2010, the then Greek government, turned for help to the EU and the IMF and…



Spiros Zervoudakis | Trap

The boxed undersea world is dreamy. Aquatic creatures, mythical creatures and humans coexist in alien, utopian landscapes.


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